Ashworth formed in 1999 in Indianapolis and quickly released their first album, “Refine Me,” in 2000 with an aggressive acoustic rock sound. As Steve Hammer of NUVO put it, “Ani Difranco taught us that you can rock with an acoustic guitar and these guys have heeded her lesson… Ashworth’s universe consists of sweet harmonies backing up acerbic lyrics.”

The band aggressively performed throughout the 2000s, sharing stages with John Mellencamp, Over the Rhine, Avril Lavigne, Mandy Moore, Yes, Jennie DeVoe and many more. Lead singer and songwriter Adam Nevins is motived to “convey hope in the midst of hopelessness.” Having lost his mother and brother when he was in high school in a tragic car accident, Nevins has a personal understanding of loss, hopelessness, healing, restoration and hope.

In 2007 Ashworth released their sophomore album, featuring producing and performing from Ric Hordinski (Over the Rhine) and Mike Roe (The 77s, Lost Dogs). “Downtown” marked the coming of age for Ashworth moving from folk band to rock band. While their acoustic roots remained, they ventured into new territory not just with electric guitar but also loops and theremin under arm.

The band went on unofficial hiatus when Nevins went to work for an international nonprofit in 2012 but is reuniting in 2016 to release an all new 4 song EP in September. The band plans to record this summer and if funding allows will have Andrew Osenga (Caedmon’s Call, Jars of Clay, Andrew Peterson…) produce the project.